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A38_P9272420_3150x800Welcome to the photo selling site of Geoffrey Higges!  A selection of photos by international photographer and video producer Geoffrey Higges is now available for easy PayPal payment and download, with choice of size. The initial galleries are of vintage and classic automobiles, airplanes etc at air shows, cars taking part in the 2013 Solar Car Challenge in Australia, professional cyclists in a UCI tour in Australia, and personal transport in Vietnam.
Sp+BentleyMarkVIspecial_1947_PA033087_223Big discounts may be available for complete gallery purchase, plus you can always use the “50% OFF” coupon (without the quotes) and get half of your selections for free, for purchases of 4 images or more in the one shopping cart! Click here for the photo galleries. Owners may claim a copy of an image of their car or aircraft for no charge. Click the title to return to the front page from anywhere. Contact phone (08) 83654240.